What Makes Us Different


A transgender-led organization receives an average of 0.015% of each dollar donated to LGBT organizations. The transgender community remains the highest statistic in unemployment, job discrimination, harassment, murder, HIV diagnosis and suicide. To change this, we must begin supporting trans-led organizations that invest the most back into this marginalized community. 


Services that we provide, produce revenue for direct support to the less fortunate in the transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex community. We provides emergency clothing for LGBTQ+ abused foster children seeking new placement, emergency clothing for those kicked out for who they are, transitional clothing, name and gender change assistance, emergency hygiene supplies, pet and human food, free mental health and much more. 


For-profit businesses that provide medical services, laser hair removal and electrolysis are only concerned with making a profit and give the least back to that marginalized community. Choosing who you support directly impacts the entire community and helps create the structure and models or more trans-led organizations to thrive.

Remember, change starts with you.