Perfect Pitch Program

Our Perfect Pitch Program understands that some develop anxiety, low self-esteem and depression from their voice while transitioning. We understand the frustration when misgendering occurs while sacrificing so much time to live the authentic you. Speech pathology is not only for gender affirming care but also assists others in the LGBT community that suffer from dysphoria connected to their voice. Effeminate gay men often face rejection from the gay male culture and so do masculine lesbians. These three groups have a common similarity and often face rejection and can be denied employment. This creates a form of dysphoria in which we can provide treatment for to improve their quality of life and both health and financial equity.

Our qualified speech pathologist can help you treat those dysphoric feelings and help you with your goals to live an authentic you.

During speech therapy, you will work with a qualified speech-language pathologist (S-LP) to foster the tone of the voice, pitch, volume, and other elements necessary for the desired outcome. What that outcome is will naturally differ from person to person.

Insurance coverage for these services are possible, but complex. We can help you with this process and help you advocate with your insurance for coverage. One of the first steps is a letter from a qualified mental health provider detailing how your voice impacts your mental health. This is then followed by a letter from a primary care provider detailing in support of the mental health letter they believe it is medically necessary as well. The process can be a little time consuming but can be provided by telehealth to save some frustration driving to each appointment. 

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