Graduate Student Program

In 2015, the Transgender Community Coalition (TCC) which was a collective of 50 individuals, was created to force change for the transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex community. Through this organization it opened access points for TGI people to begin receiving gender-affirming care. In 2018  the Transgender Health and Wellness Center opened beginning with the Healthy Rainbows Program. This program works with parents and guardians of LGBTQI+ youth to help parents understand their child, but also help those LGBTQI+ youth reach their highest potential. 

The mental health program continues to grow and now provides a wide range of services which includes:  

- Depression 

- Anxiety 

- Treatment for domestic violence 

- Sexual assault  

- Trauma 

- Substance abuse  

- Gender-affirming therapy and care 

- LGBTQI+ youth  

- Those with disabilities 

- Sexual health 

- Medically-necessary letters  

- And much more

With our Behavioral Health Graduate Program under the supervision of Dr. Juan Moriel, you will receive quality mental health services and also help your community live more authentically by opening more pathways for TGI people to receive mental health treatment within our community. 


Dr. Moriel is our Clinical Supervisor at the center as well as one of our mental health professionals. As a native Texan born in El Paso, he continued his undergraduate education at Texas Christian Univeisty, after which he earned his professional degrees as a LMFT and PsyD at Pepperdine University and California Southern University. He obtained his post-undergraduate training is from Oklahoma Baptist Uivesity, Touro University, and the Univeristy of Massachusetts Medical School, which includes healthcare subspecialties. He is a fully-recognized member of the U.S. and World Professional Association for Transgender Healthcare and continues to be involved with other LBGTQI+ issues and causes. For the past 17 years he has been supporting the transgender community as an advocate, case manager, and behavioral health therapist. On top of being trained in Health Psychology and Medical Family Therapy pertaining to transgender-affirming healthcare, he is trained in eye-movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR) therapy working with transgender populations affected by trauma. With 20+ years of training, Dr. Moriel strives to support, encourage, and assist people in becoming their most fully-realized selves.