Discrimination is a major contributor to the high rates of unemployment faced by transgender people in this nation. The Transgender Health and Wellness Center supports working people to acquire and to remain employed while they transition and thereafter. We work closely with businesses, offering sensitivity training, and educational programs to encourage economic integration for this minority group.


The Transgender Health and Wellness Center combats workplace discrimination by providing information about the law.  We work to improve local city, county, state and federal laws that affect transgender people’s ability to integrate into the work force. We develop partnerships and relationships with businesses that are willing to hire transgender people and give them the same opportunities as others.


In 2014, unemployment was very high within the local transgender, intersex and gender non-conforming community but by January 2016, we only have five left who need employment. Transgender, gender non- conforming and intersex people still face one of the highest (often double) unemployment rates compared to other marginalized groups. 


We have are working closely to empower the local community and connect them with employment opportunities.