Eisenhower Post Graduate LGBTQI+ Health Program

Welcome to the Eisenhower post graduate LGBTQ+ Health Program with the Transgender Health and Wellness Center. We work directly with Eisenhower Medical Center to provide residents direct experience with the transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex community.

Through this fellowship, we create a premier LGBTQ+ healthcare training program with the goal of enhancing knowledge, deepening compassion, and fostering awareness about the barriers that affect transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex people.

Our mission is to provide residents with the training they will need to offer quality, patient centered, culturally responsive, and compassionate primary care to the LGBTQI+ community in all its diversity. 

Our goals and expectations of this program are to enrich Eisenhower Medical Center residents’ education by increasing awareness of the health disparities and gaps in care within marginalized communities. By offering opportunities to communicate and treat LGBTQI+ people in a health setting, we open more access points for quality care for LGBTQI+ people within the community. Our goal is to help you serve the LGBTQI+ community so they can live their best, authentic lives.

Our goals with this program are:

- Increase the number of LGBTQI+ sensitive primary care providers in the Inland Empire

- Increase confidence for providers to offer healthcare to the LGBTQI+ community in the Inland Empire

- Develop medical leadership and improve clinical outcomes with patients through quality care, population education and research within the Inland Empire

- To advance medical skills to produce quality care and change for the LGBTQI+ community within the Inland Empire

- To assist in breaking down intersectional barriers that adversely impact the health of the LGBTQI+ community’s access to quality medical care within the Inland Empire

For more information please call (760) 202-4308 or email