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Transgender Community Coalition is the Inland Empire’s larges organization dedicated to advancing the rights of transgender, intersex and gender non-conforming people. We work to change law, policy and attitudes so that all people can live authentically, safely and free from discrimination. We respond to hundreds and sometimes thousands of requests each year from citizens and inmates.


We accept applications on a rolling basis for post-graduate legal fellowships and allies with the Transgender Community Center. Fellowships are funded by outside foundations or law schools and applicants will take the lead on applying for funding.


Legal fellowships provide recent law school graduates and new attorneys with a unique opportunity to gain first-hand experience in practicing on human rights law issues. Fellows will gain experience in providing compassionate and culturally competent legal services, legal writings (like internal memos and court documents), policy advocacy, non-litigation advocacy on behalf of clients, amicus curia, memorandums of law for judges to understand complex issues, and notice of intents citing the law for pro se litigants.

• Provide legal information and self-help materials to helpline callers

• Identify potential clients for impact litigation from legal assistance inquiries

• Conduct legal research and draft memos

• Draft demand letters

• Assist with all aspects of impact litigation

• Organize and supervising legal name and gender change assistance

• Conduct “Know Your Rights” training for community members

• Assist in maintaining accuracy of existing “Know Your Rights” materials and practice guides, as well as
   identifying appropriate topics and creating new publications

• Draft legislation and persuasive materials aimed at decision makers


• Interested in Transgender issues and civil rights law

• Commitment to racial and economic justice

• Dependability

• Strong writing and research skills

Transgender Community Coalition is believes that there is a deep need to improve justice for the pro se litigant and the vulnerable. Experienced attorneys can also apply for litigation cases as a volunteer and receive a tax deduction.


We are a grass roots organization, who believes that the funds that are made here, should stay here, and help here. Improving our local community at the local level quickly creates more effective change than at the Federal level. Unlike many other organizations, we do not believe in enormous salaries to do what is right and to make things better. Our staff and volunteers are not paid, keeping the core belief of integrity and providing 100% of the revenue generated to that needed community in one way or another.



Transgender Community Coalition is seeking energetic volunteers and/or Intern’s to assist with campaign and fundraising for Transgender Community Coalition's economic development. The person should have business management skills, customer service, sales experience and both electronic and telephonic communication skills, strategic planning and professionalism. This position will not only increase future employment possibilities but will be a well deserved letter of recommendation for your prosperous economic future by showing your accomplishments.


Transgender Community Coalition is seeking responsible and dependable individuals to assist in the correspondence with LGBT inmates within the Jail and Correctional System. These individuals must be dependable with tasked correspondence, must have internet research skills and provide printed material to the inmate who requests it. These persons must comply with the correctional facilities and detention centers mail correspondence guidelines and must reach out to local sponsors for these correspondence programs.


Transgender Community Coalition is seeking a person who is socially outgoing and has effective communication and networking skills to recruit volunteers in the movement for equality within the Inland Empire. This person must be dependable, patient and work well with others.

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