Adolescent LGBTQI+ Care

It is our priority to serve the next generation of LGBTQI+ people and we seek to remove barriers that LGBTQI+ people have faced in the past. We are proud to offer LGBTQI+ healthcare for adolescents and teens with a compassionate and confidential program.

LGBTQI+ youth meet with medical providers who understand their needs and are supported by the whole staff who belong to the LGBTQI+ community. Our goal is to allow that child to live authentically—to be fully seen and supported— so they may reach their highest potential. With our services, both LGBTQI+ adults with LGBTQI+ children are also welcome.

The transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex (TGI) youth will be seen by a clinician who understands their specific medical needs. With the parent or guardians’ consent we can also provide hormone replacement therapy and blockers with authorization from a medical provider. We also can provide surgical implants for blocking sex hormones to treat the TGI’s gender dysphoria, if needed.

LGBTQI+ Adolescent and Teen Medical Services:

- General Medical Care

- Gynecological exams/family planning/reproductive health

- Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections

- HIV testing

- HIV primary care

- Hormone therapy

- Hormone blockers

Counseling and Mental Health Services:

- Sexuality

- Gender identity and expression

- Eating disorders

- Physical, sexual and emotional trauma

- Depression and/or anxiety

- HIV and other medical diagnoses

- General supportive counseling

- PrEP and PEP

- Intersectionality, which impacts and prevent quality of life and health

- Care coordination

- Health education

- Referral to emotional and peer support groups that are age appropriate

- Transitional clothing

- Healthy chest binding care

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